Stay safe. Stay active.
Vegan Leather + Thick Padding

Eco-friendly and non-toxic. Name a better duo for any baby items.

Oh, and they are practical, too! 🙌

Minimalist Design

Your home doesn't have to look like a daycare. Our simple and neutral colors will blend seamlessly with your home décor. AND it comes with gray reverse side. Hooray!🎉

We are parents, just like you.

We only make things we would use for our children.

Enjoy peace of mind with our products. 💕

Our Story

Babies who spend more time on the floor will likely develop their motor skills faster. That's why it's important to choose the right play mat.

The Right Play Mat You'll Be Proud Of

Made without 🙅‍





Fire Retardants

Made with 💁‍

Food-grade Polyethylene Foam

PU-coated Vegan Leather 

Stretch Backing Fabric

Ethical Manufacturing

Excellent Workmanship